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DataBricks Certification Exam Got Suspended. Require support for the same.

New Contributor III

Hello Team, 

I encountered Pathetic experience while attempting my 1st DataBricks certification. Abruptly, Proctor asked me to show my desk, after showing he/she asked multiple times.. wasted my time and then suspended my exam, saying I have exceeded eye movement and just 7 minutes left in exam. I have faced technical issues in between and continuously seated from 7.30 pm till 11.25 pm and due to continue seeing in laptop screen sometimes I have seen downwards during exam. 

I want to file a complaint as I was not involved in any unfair means. Also, I want to request another chance if I don't clear in this attempt. 

This is serious, I have paid and attempted exam ethically. I was not expecting this behaviour a from proctor. 

Please resolve this on high priority. 

Below are details:

username: [email protected]

Exam: Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate (Version 3)

TIme: 22 Sep 19:30H Asia/Calcutta

Request id is #00374573




Kushal Gupta


New Contributor III

Hey Team 
It's more than 9 hours and I haven't receive any mail regarding rescheduling of exam. Kindly look into this matter with great concern I need your help. I have almost completed my paper and eventually my session got suspended. I really need to get the certification and its really important for me. Please I am requesting you please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

kindly help me in this scenario @Cert-Team 

Thanks and regards
Kushal Gupta

New Contributor III


@Kaniz @Cert-Team @Sujitha 

Please look into this issue and reschedule the exam as soon as possible. This certification is very important for me.

Please do needful

Thanks & Regard


Honored Contributor II
Honored Contributor II

@Kushal12345 Sorry for the delayed response, the support team is responding to your case.

New Contributor III

Thanks @Cert-Team for replying and rescheduling the exam.


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