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Tracking File Arrivals in Nested Folders Using Databricks File Arrival Trigger

New Contributor
Hi Team,
I'm currently exploring a file arrival trigger with Data-bricks, but my data is organized into nested folders representing various sources. For instance:
  |-- file1
       |-- file.csv
  |-- file2
       |-- file.csv
My goal is to determine the specific location within the nested folder structure where a file, such as file.csv, has arrived, along with capturing the file name. This allows me to streamline my workflow by utilizing a single job for multiple files.
Could someone provide guidance on how to achieve this effectively within Data-bricks?
Thank you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @dhanshri

  • You can use file arrival triggers to automatically trigger a run of your Databricks job when new files arrive in your specified storage location.
  • This feature is particularly useful when data arrives on an irregular schedule, making scheduled jobs less efficient.
  • To add a file arrival trigger to your job:
  • Since your data is organized into nested folders representing various sources, you’ll need to configure the trigger to monitor these folders.
  • Here’s how you can approach it:
  • Keep in mind that a maximum of fifty jobs can be configured with a file arrival trigger in a Databricks workspace.
  • Additionally, a storage location configured for a file arrival trigger can contain only up to 10,000 files. Locations with more files cannot be monitored for new file arrivals
  • By implementing these steps, you’ll be able to efficiently track file arrivals within your nested folder structure and streamline your workflow.
  • Happy Databricks exploration! 


@Kaniz_Fatma did a LLM Bot write the above response for you? You link to a Stackoverflow post which uses Azure Data Factory, and you text contains concepts which do not apply to Databricks ("Use a lookup activity or a Get Metadata Activity to fetch the file with the name in the"). Actually, your answer seems to be lifted straight from Satckoverflow, pretty sure it's not allowed by their policies...

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