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OAuth U2M Manual token generation failing

New Contributor

I am writing a frontend webpage that will log into DataBricks and allow the user to select datasets.

I am new to front end development, so there may be some things I am missing here, but I know that the DataBricks SQL connector for javascript only works with Node, which does not work client side. I am aware that there are ways to shoehorn node packages into running in the browser but I am trying to avoid this.

I am looking into using OAuth U2M with manual token generation, as outlined in this article
I am able to generate the authorization code in the browser URL just fine (Step 2). However, when I get to the step of generating an OAuth access token (Step3:, the POST request always returns a 400 with a response of {"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"Invalid authorization code"}

This post request I am doing in python, just as a proof of concept, but I would implement the whole system client side in javascript.

Here is the script I am using for the proof of concept. Any advice on why I keep receiving a 400 would be appreciated. Thanks!

import uuid, hashlib, base64, requests, json, webbrowser
# Generate a UUID.
uuid1 = uuid.uuid4()
# Convert the UUID to a string.
uuid_str1 = str(uuid1).upper()
# Create the code verifier.
code_verifier = uuid_str1 + "-" + uuid_str1
# Create the code challenge based on the code verifier.
code_challenge = base64.urlsafe_b64encode(hashlib.sha256(code_verifier.encode()).digest()).decode('utf-8')
# Remove all padding from the code challenge.
code_challenge = code_challenge.replace('=', '')
print(f"code_verifier: {code_verifier}")
print(f"code_challenge: {code_challenge}")
account_id = "**** MY ACCOUNT ID ****"

redirect_url = "http://localhost:8020"
url1 = f"{account_id}/v1/authorize?client_id=databricks-cli&redirect_url={redirect_url}&response_type=code&state=helloworld&code_challenge={code_challenge}&code_challenge_method=S256&scope=all-apis+offline_access", new=2, autoraise=True)
################### Get code from browser

auth_code = "********" # code from browser
body = {"client_id":"databricks-cli","grant_type":"authorization_code","scope":"all-apis offline_access",
"redirect_uri":redirect_url, "code_verifier":code_verifier,"code":auth_code}
url2 = f"{account_id}/v1/token"
r =, data=body)

#This returns
#<Response [400]>
#b'{"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"Invalid authorization code"}'



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @BenDataBricks

  • Ensure that the auth_code variable in your Python script contains the correct authorization code obtained from the browser.
  • Verify that the code_verifier you’re using matches the one you generated earlier.
  • Confirm that the redirect_url matches the one you’ve set up for your application.
  • Make sure you’re sending the correct parameters in the POST request (client ID, grant type, scope, etc.).