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Is there a way I get any coupon for the Data engineering with Databricks learning plan since 1000 USD price is too much for a beginner?


Hello, I am just starting my learning journey of Databricks. And I thought I would take up the self-paced Data engineering with Databricks academy course. But a cost of $1000 (almost Rs. 82000) is a lot for me. Is there a way I get any coupon for the Data engineering with Databricks self-paced learning plan? If I am just learning and do not know Databricks yet, I cannot seek for employment in any company that is a customer of Databricks. And without being part of any partner/customer , this course price is too much.


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Honored Contributor II

You have some free courses in databricks academy related to data engineering .please check it and go with them first

New Contributor III

All of their course content is available publicly for free at:

A community edition workspace can also be created for following these instruction(no cloud provider needed):

Should be able to run and learn from most of the content to pass the exams. Lakehouse training badge is free and good place to start:


I think, I will attend live online session from this link :

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