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Resolved! How to set a variable and use it in a SQL query

I want to define a variable and use it in a query, like below: %sql   SET database_name = "marketing"; SHOW TABLES in '${database_name}';However, I get the following error:ParseException: [PARSE_SYNTAX_ERROR] Syntax error at or near ''''(line 1, pos...

Mado by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! How to enforce delta table column to have unique values?

Hi,I have defined a delta table with a primary key:%sql   CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS test_table_pk ( table_name STRING NOT NULL, label STRING NOT NULL, table_location STRING NOT NULL,   CONSTRAINT test_table_pk_col PRIMARY KEY(table_name) ...

Mado by Valued Contributor II
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Using run_job_task in Databricks Asset Bundles

Do Databrick Asset Bundles support run_job_task tasks?I've made various attempts to add a run_job_task with a specified job_id. See my the code_snippet below. I tried substituting the job_id using ${...} syntax, as well as three other ways which I've...

TimReddick by New Contributor III
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