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Databricks Devops Release Pipeline Abort

New Contributor

We've built a release pipeline to our Databricks Workspaces, using the VNET Template. It's working end-to-end but intermittent aborts are occurring when workspace is recreated.

For example, 4th of April (Monday) We recreated the workspaces and no abort happened.

The script is straightforward, check if it's required to recreate the workspace, if required, delete databricks workpace, vnet and network security groups. Once finished start to execute the workspace deploy, based in the VNET template.


This first part always runs fine, without aborts, the problem is the next step, when we try to sync our Notebook Repository with Databricks Repo. On Monday, or Tuesday it worked perfectly, syncing it without problem. On Wednesday it failed:



Maybe it could be a sync problem, the error message suggest that invalid credentials were used, with an error code = "INVALID_STATE". The interesting is that the repo is created partially after this error, and in a 2nd attempt it works without problems:


Any help is appreciate. Thank you


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Esteemed Contributor III

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