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Email destination not appearing in Job's System Notification list.

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On job failure I need to send an email with a custom subject line. I have configured the email address as a destination with the subject that I need, but I don't see it as an option that I can choose in the 'System Notification' dialog in the job settings. Why is that?

Screenshot 2023-03-30 161113Screenshot 2023-03-30 161231


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I got a response back from the team and right now there are both technical limitations, and also no firm plans to support centrally configured emails with jobs.

You might wonder why the UI allows you to add these other ones (Email, Teams, Etc.). It is because that part of the platform is also shared with redash, where they can all be used.

As a workaround, we recommend using the webhook option to call an external service that can then do an email notification…

cc: @Ajay Pandey​ , @James Smith​ 

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Hi @James Smith​ ,

I am also facing the same issue @Chris Thompson​ can you please help in this.

Hi Ajay, did you mean to tag Chris Williams?

New Contributor III

In answer to the question, I've asked the product team as that does seem a bit odd.

I have not tried this, but you could try to use the Jobs API and give it the Id of the Email destination under the failure condition.

I would need to test that though..

Esteemed Contributor II


Sure, will try this.

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