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How to change the audit log delivery Service Account?

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Hi Team,

I'm trying to set up Audit log delivery based on the documentation "". As per the document, I've created a multi-region storage bucket however I'm not able to add "[email protected]" service account as storage admin as identities where restricted based on domain name in our GCP environment.

So is there a way to overcome this and setup Audit log delivery or to change Databricks audit log delivery service account?


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@abu bakar siddik​ 

If you are unable to add the "[email protected]" service account as a storage admin due to domain name restrictions in your GCP environment, there are a few options you can consider:

  1. Contact your GCP administrator to see if they can add an exception to the domain name restriction to allow the service account to be added as a storage admin.
  2. Create a new GCP service account with a domain name that is allowed in your environment, and grant the necessary permissions to this new service account to access the storage bucket. You can then update the Databricks log delivery configuration to use this new service account.
  3. Change the Databricks audit log delivery service account by following the steps outlined in the Databricks documentation here: This involves creating a new service account and updating the Databricks log delivery configuration to use the new service account.

Note that changing the audit log delivery service account may impact any existing logs or permissions that are associated with the previous service account. It's important to carefully consider the implications of this change before proceeding.

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@Suteja Kanuri​ 

Thanks for your response. I did check with my cloud team due to security constraints they are not allowing this service account and I'm following up with upper management to get an exception for this.

However, I would like to go with another approach to change the log delivery service account. The link you have provided is throwing a 404 error for me. Could you please check and share the right URL.

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Documentation helps in many tasks

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