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how to check table size by partition?

New Contributor III

I want to check the size of the delta table by partition.

As you can see, only the size of the table can be checked, but not by partition.


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@jin park​ :

You can use the Databricks Delta Lake SHOW TABLE EXTENDED command to get the size of each partition of the table. Here's an example:

PARTITION (<partition_column> = '<partition_value>') 
SELECT sizeInBytes

Replace <table_name> with the name of your Delta table, <partition_column> with the name of your partition column, and <partition_value> with the specific partition value you want to check the size for. If you want to check the size for all partitions, omit the PARTITION clause.

You can also use the DESCRIBE DETAIL command to get similar information:

DESCRIBE DETAIL <table_name>

This will show you detailed information about the table, including the size of each partition.

New Contributor III

There is no 'sizeInbytes' item.

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@jin park​ : Please try this

DESCRIBE DETAIL your_table_name PARTITION (partition_column = 'partition_value')

Replace 'your_table_name' with the actual name of your table and specify the appropriate partition_column and partition_value you want to check.

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