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What are executeAdhocQuery and executeFastQuery operations in the Azure SQL Logs?

New Contributor


-Im performing some analysis using the databricks sql logs, and seeing these operation names.

-I notice these events dont seem to have a duration nor query text, unlike commandSubmit operations.

-Any explanation on what these operations mean exactly would be helpful.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Jose Torres​, executeAdhocQuery and executeFastQuery are two types of operations that can appear in the Azure SQL Logs.

executeAdhocQuery refers to the execution of an ad hoc query, which is a one-time query that is not stored as a prepared statement.

Ad hoc queries are typically used for one-off queries or testing, rather than repeated or parameterized queries.

executeFastQuery refers to the execution of a query using fast data loading technology, such as bulk copy (BCP) or bulk insert. These technologies are designed for high-performance data loading and are often used for large-scale data migrations or batch processing.

Unlike commandSubmit, which represents the submission of a command to the server, executeAdhocQuery and executeFastQuery represent the actual execution of the query. Therefore, they may not include information such as query text or duration, as this information may not be available or relevant for these types of operations.

In general, these operations are useful for understanding the types of queries being executed and the performance characteristics of the system, particularly in relation to ad hoc queries and fast data-loading technologies.

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