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Databricks Account in Azure

New Contributor III


We have been piloting databricks using unity catalog in development in our azure development subscription. We are looking at plans for moving to production\live which is a completely different azure subscription. I created a workspace in production as a test, but this didn`t then show up in the databricks account. My questions are;

  • What is the relationship between the databricks account and the Azure subscription? There doesn`t seem to be a way of creating a databricks workspace in a specific azure subscription from the account admin portal itself (apparently this is possible in AWS and GCP though).
  • Would we need 2 databricks accounts to do this, if so, how is that actually done if the databricks account is linked to an AD user?
  • Are there any resources online for the above, we havn`t been able to find much about the subject.

Esteemed Contributor

@Andy Skinner​ When you create your workspace that will be tied to your databricks account.

your account will be tied to subscription and resource group .

from E2 architecture you can create multiple workspaces (in different regions) in one databricks account


one more thing you need to consider is unity catalog --> data governance can be done within multiple workspaces in same account and region

New Contributor III

Not sure that answers my question though. I created a new workspace, in my production subscription, but it didn`t appear to be listed in my databricks account, only my workspaces from my development subscription were (one of which is using Unity metastore). If an account is tied to a subscription that would suggest we need 2 databricks accounts?

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