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Not able to login into Databricks community edition

New Contributor II

I forgot my password and when i am trying to reset my password , it was struck at reset password page.

Could you please help me with it.


Honored Contributor III

@Srinu M​ are u using correct link check whether are u using correct link or not still if it will stuck u can raise tickit to databrick support teams #DAIS2023

Not applicable

Hi @Srinu M​ 

Thank you for reaching out, and we’re sorry to hear about this log-in issue! 

We have this Community Edition login troubleshooting post on Community. Please take a look, and follow the troubleshooting steps. 

If the steps do not resolve the log-in issue, then please email [email protected] for further assistance. 

Please write an email to [email protected].

New Contributor II
Hi Team,
Looks like my account is locked, please help with it?
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