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SQL Editor, Tab Stops Indenting

Greetings,I use Databricks through Azure. Frequently when I'm working in the SQL Editor, the tab button fails to indent-- instead, it forces my cursor to a seemingly random part of the page. It's been doing this since when I started working in the pl...

Zer by New Contributor II
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Import python files as modules in workspace

I'm deploying a new workspace for testing the deployed notebooks. But when trying to import the python files as module in the newly deployed workspace, I'm getting an error saying "function not found".Two points to note here:1. If I append absolute p...

Dataricks asset bundles is now Public preview

Databricks asset bundles, now in Public Preview, enable end-to-end data, analytics, and ML projects to be expressed as a collection of source files. This makes it simpler to apply data engineering best practices such as source control, code review, t...