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Is there a way to determine location/folder in the Recents view?

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With multiple locations for items to exist, duplicate names make it hard to tell which one is which without opening.


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@Eric Kieft​ :

In Databricks, the Recents view shows the recently accessed notebooks, dashboards, and folders. However, it does not show the exact location of the item. To determine the location of an item in the Recents view, you can try the following:

  1. Hover over the item: When you hover over an item in the Recents view, a tooltip should appear that shows the full path of the item.
  2. Use the search bar: You can use the search bar at the top of the Databricks workspace to search for the name of the item. When you find the item, its location should be displayed in the search results.
  3. Use the Workspace view: The Workspace view in Databricks shows the entire folder hierarchy, so you can navigate to the folder that contains the item. Once you find the item in the Workspace view, you can see its location in the folder hierarchy.
  4. Use the API: You can use the Databricks API to get the metadata for an item, including its location. You can use the GET /api/2.0/workspace/get endpoint to get the metadata for a notebook or folder, or the GET /api/2.0/dashboards/get endpoint to get the metadata for a dashboard.

New Contributor III

Hovering over the item on the Recents page does not show anything (apart from a URL at the bottom of the browser).

screenshot of databricks recents page with duplicate notebook names

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

The url at the bottom of the browser denotes the notebook path, is that helpful to distinguish between notebooks? Do you want to see the content snippet when you hover over?

The URL at the bottom shows an ID number, which doesn't help in determining which folder/path the notebook resides in. In the above example, the two notebook locations are indistinguishable without opening them.

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