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Hide widgets logic

Valued Contributor II


We have recently created a notebook in order to allow users inserting/updating values in specific tables. The logic behind the update statements is included in a separate notebook where users don't have access. However we would like to know if there is a way to hide/separate also the widgets logic that is for example:

dbutils.widgets.dropdown(" Action", "get", ["get", "insert", "update"])
Edit the share permissions on the notebook as "run" only doesn't seem to work. User still has the right to change the above code.
Thank you,

Esteemed Contributor III

When you want users to perform some write action (for example, change parameters, etc.), it is usually easiest to build a small app in Azure PowerApps, save those values, and extract them to the table in Delta Lake (so your notebooks will take values as defined per users from the table).

Lakehouse apps are also coming to Databricks, so it will probably be another way to achieve that when you don't want users to mess with code.

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