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scalar function in databricks

Hi Expert,here is sql server scalar function how to convert in databricks functionSQLCREATE function [dbo].[gettrans](@PickupCompany nvarchar(2),@SupplyCountry int, @TxnSource nvarchar(10),@locId nvarchar(50), @ExternalSiteId nvarchar(50))RETURNS INT...

Shree23 by New Contributor III
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Exporting delta table to one CSV

Process to export a delta table is taking ~2hrs.Delta table has 66 partitions with total size of ~6gb, 4million rows and 270 columns.Used below commanddf.coalesce(1).write.csv("path")what are my options to reduce the time?

561064 by New Contributor II
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DBT Jobs || API call returns "Internal Error"

Hey there,I am currently using the Databricks API to trigger a specific DBT job. For this, I am calling the API in a Web Activity on Azure datafactory and sending as headers the token and for the body I am sending the Job ID and the necessary vars I ...

dcc by New Contributor
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DLT pipeline evolution schema error

Hello everyone, I am currently working on my first dlt pipeline, and I stumped on a problem which I am struggling to solve.I am working on several tables where I have a column called "my_column" with an array of json with two keys : 1 key : score, 2n...

TiagoMag by New Contributor
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