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Databricks Certification and Badging
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The new standard for lakehouse training and certifications

Validate your data and AI skills in the Databricks Lakehouse Platform by getting Databricks certified. Whether you are new to business intelligence or looking to confirm your skills as a machine learning or data engineering professional, Databricks can help you achieve your goals.

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Data Analyst

Data analysts transform data into insights by creating queries, data visualizations and dashboards using Databricks SQL and its capabilities.

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Data Engineer

Data engineers design, develop, test and maintain batch and streaming data pipelines using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform and its capabilities.

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ML Data Scientist

Machine learning practitioners develop, deploy, test and maintain machine learning models and pipelines using Databricks Machine Learning and its capabilities.

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Specialty Badges

As you progress through your Lakehouse learning paths, you can earn specialty badges. Specialty badges represent an achievement in a focus area, such as a specific professional services offering or deployment on one of Databricks’ cloud vendors.

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Tips to Prevent Exam Suspension

We understand the importance of a smooth exam experience, and we want to ensure that your hard work pays off without any interruptions. To help you avoid the risk of exam suspensions, here are some valuable tips:

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If you've carefully adhered to the steps mentioned above and your exam continues to face problems, there's no need to worry. You can effortlessly open a case: 
Suspended Exam? Don't worry! Our support team can help!