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Hanging out here at DAIS 2023. Getting certified, learning and sharing. It's a great time so far. Can't wait to learn more about unity catalog!

Essjay by New Contributor II
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Space in Column names when writing to Hive

All,I have the following code.df_Warehouse_Utilization = (    spark.table("hive_metastore.dev_ork.bin_item_detail")    .join(df_DIM_Bins,col('bin_tag')==df_DIM_Bins.BinKey,'right')    .groupby(col('BinKey'))    .agg(count_distinct(when(col('serial_lo...

JohnJustus by New Contributor II
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Beginner here. Which exam to do first?

I am new to Databricks and would like to learn and become certified. I have SQL knowledge.To get started, which exam should I do first so that I have a very good understanding of Databricks fundamentals and concepts?I was thinking of “Databricks Cert...