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CI/CD pipeline using Github

Hi Team,I've recently begun working with Databricks and I'm exploring options for setting up a CI/CD pipeline to pull the latest code from GitHub.I have to pull latest code(.sql) from Github whenever push is done to main branch and update .sql notebo...

Rsa by New Contributor II
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Space in Column names when writing to Hive

All,I have the following code.df_Warehouse_Utilization = (    spark.table("hive_metastore.dev_ork.bin_item_detail")    .join(df_DIM_Bins,col('bin_tag')==df_DIM_Bins.BinKey,'right')    .groupby(col('BinKey'))    .agg(count_distinct(when(col('serial_lo...

JohnJustus by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Selective column loader unity catalog

I am loading a table into a data frame using df = spark.table(table_name) Is there a way to load only the required columns? The table has more than 50+ columns and I only need a handful of column.

vk217 by Contributor
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