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Queries Upgradation from HMS to UC

New Contributor

I am currently doing Queries upgradation from HMS to Unity catalog. I would like to know and understand a few best practices to update the queries and also use a 3-level namespace for the existing query structure. Please guide me!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @DjtheDEWhen upgrading your queries from Hive Metastore (HMS) to Unity Catalog, there are best practices you can follow to ensure a smooth transition and effective data governance.

Let’s dive into some recommendations:

  1. Understand Data Governance Building Blocks:

    • Unity Catalog is a fine-grained governance solution for data and AI on the Databricks Platform.
    • It simplifies security and governance by providing a central place to administer and audit data access.
    • Key building blocks include:
      • Metastore: The top-level container of objects in Unity Catalog. It manages data assets (tables, views, volumes) and permissions.
      • Catalog: The highest level in the data hierarchy, representing a logical grouping of schemas. Catalogs are the primary unit of data isolation.
      • Schema: A logical grouping of tables/views within a catalog.
      • Table/View/Volume: Data assets managed within catalogs.
      • Metastore Admins: Manage all objects in the metastore.
      • Data Isolation: Begins at the catalog level1.
  2. Upgrade Tables and Views:

  3. Plan Your Data Isolation Model:

  4. Configure Unity Catalog Metastore:

  5. Leverage Cluster Configurations:

    • Unity Catalog integrates with Databricks clusters. Utilize cluster configurations for efficient data access and management.
  6. Audit Logs and Security:

    • Unity Catalog provides audit logs for tracking data access and changes.
    • Set up fine-grained permissions to control who can access and modify data.
  7. Share Data through Delta Sharing:

    • Delta Sharing allows secure data sharing with users outside your organization.
    • It uses Unity Catalog to manage and audit sharing behavior.
  8. Use DBFS with Unity Catalog Clusters:

    • Leverage Databricks File System (DBFS) for efficient data storage and retrieval.

Remember that Unity Catalog and Delta Sharing together form a robust solution for data governance. By following these best practices, you’ll enhance security, simplify administration, and ensure effe...13.

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