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New text editor "Monaco" does not find SQL-tables or aliases.

New Contributor II

I am having troubles with the new text editor "Monaco", it does not find my SQL-tables as soon as they are nested in SQL-commands and marks them with red underscoring which is really annoying. Even though the code works perfectly...

It also have troubles finding aliases sometimes in SQL-commands, for example the "TARGET" gets underlined with red text:

merge into GOLD.facttable as TARGET
using (select 
fv.Account as Account,
fv.FinancialYear as FinancialYear
from (
year(calendardate) as FinancialYear 
from gold.dimensiontable
group by account, year(calendardate)) as fv
left join silver.dimensiontable2 as bm
on bm.account = fv.account) as source
on TARGET.account = source.account and source.financialyear = year(TARGET.calendardate)

This is frustrating, until fixed I'll stick with the old editor.

Another feature I would like to see in this new editor is a space after each autocompleted "tab"-keypress.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Valter Fallenius​, I would like to sincerely thank you for sharing your feedback regarding our product with us.

We greatly value the input of our community members, and your comments and suggestions have provided valuable insights into how we can improve our offerings.

Your feedback will be shared with our product development team, and we will consider it as we continue to refine and enhance our products.

We appreciate your dedication to our brand and commitment to helping us provide the best possible experiences for our customers.

Thank you once again for your valuable feedback.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime with any further comments or concerns.

Hi Databricks team,

I also found sql intellisense does not work when using

USE DB or USE Catalog.DB

It only works when using full table names such as catalog.db.table_name

but typically I don't use full table names. I set use DB at top of the notebook as the same notebook may be used for another database.

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