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Alerts and Dashboard

New Contributor II

Hi Team,

In my Databricks workspace, i have created an alerts using the query in such a way the schedule will run on daily basis and the results will get populated to dashboard. 

The results from dashboard will be notified via email, but i am seeing results in PDF format but would rather like to have it in Excel format.

Can you please assist on how it can be achieved.


Thanks in Advance.


Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

HI @Shas_DataE, Good Day! 

Could you please check and confirm if there are any special characters in the table column? At this moment, special characters are compatible with Excel. 

If yes then please drop the column that has that special character and then you can export the results to Excel.

Also please note that there is a known issue where exporting SQL query results via the UI has a limit of 100k rows to Excel, and more to CSV/TSV.

Please let me know if this helps and leave a like if this information is useful, followups are appreciated.

Hi @Ayushi_Suthar 

Thanks for your response, here the context is different . Pfa the snippet where i am expecting an Excel auto populated whenever the alert triggers on daily basis when query is executed but i am seeing in PDF format.

I am looking into an option for an Excel report rather PDF .


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