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Automating DDLs and Privilege management

Honored Contributor III

How do you automate table creation and management of privilege / grants on securable objects (tables, views, etc.).

I had idea to use terraform to manage above, but terraform doesn't work with managed tables - it allows to create table but then there are some errors while running `show create table` or `describe table` for example.

I have multi-region, multi-tenant environment where I would like to automate process of adding the tables and manage privileges. The schemas across Regions are the same, catalogs might change a bit depends on the region/tenant/customer/

My first attempt is:

1. upload notebook that have statements like:


CREATE IF NOT EXISTS managed tables.

Grant privileges on those catalogs, schemas, tables (views in the future, maybe some UDFs and other objects).

2. Create workflow to execute that notebook above

workflow can take some params like catalog name, depends on env (dev/stg/prod), and region (eu-west-1, eu-central-1).

I am not 100% sure yet about privileges here. Granting access it's we can run over again GRANT ... but Revoking access seems bit problematic, I would need to handle the difference. Check first groups that have access to objects, and if I pass as param different groups then revoke. It's not a problem, I can handle it ,but I would like to know how others are doing this.



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