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Azure Databricks Metrics to Prometheus?

New Contributor

What is the best method to expose Azure Databricks metrics to Prometheus specifically? And is it possible to get the underlying Spark metrics also? All I can see clearly defined in the documentation is the serving endpoint metrics:

Please advise, thanks.


New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi @Shahe how are you?

The standard way of doing so is to first configure your spark to enable Prometheus using:

spark.ui.prometheus.enabled true
spark.metrics.namespace <app_name>

We recommend replacing <app_name> with job names for job clusters.

Then, create an init script and attach to the cluster

cat <<EOF > /databricks/spark/conf/
cat >/databricks/driver/conf/00-custom-spark.conf <<EOF
[driver] {  
  spark.sql.streaming.metricsEnabled = "true"
  spark.metrics.appStatusSource.enabled = "true"
""", True)

Confirm the driver port by running: 


Make a note of the driver port. You'll need this when setting up the scrape target.

  1. Generate a personal access token as shown here

  2. Add the following to your prometheus_values.yaml

extraScrapeConfigs: |
   - job_name: '<cluster_name>'
     metrics_path: /driver-proxy-api/o/0/<cluster_id>/<spark_ui_port>/metrics/prometheus/
       - targets:
         - <workspace_url>
     # Sets the authentication type of the request.
       type: Bearer
       credentials: <personal access token>

Update your helm installation: helm upgrade <installation_name - i.e. dlyle-prometheus> -f prometheus_values.yaml -n <namespace - i.e. prometheus-monitoring> --create-namespace prometheus-community/prometheus

Prometheus server has a sidecar container that should automatically update the config. You can also force a restart: kubectl rollout restart deployment <installation_name> -n <namespace>

At this point, you should be able to see your cluster as a scrape target in Prometheus server.

Follow this link for more refference:


New Contributor II


I don't have databricks running as pod in an aks cluster.. It's working on azure as saas.. What should I do the export the metrics to prometheus?

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