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Default Catalog Name setting doesn't work

New Contributor III

I've recently started using Unity Catalog and I'm trying to set the default catalog name to something else than the hive_metastore for some of my workspaces.

According to the documentation (Update an assignment | Metastores API | REST API reference | Azure Databricks) the default catalog can be changed for a workspace by using the REST API. 

I've tried this; but so far unsuccessfully. After running the "Update an assignment" request the value seems to be changed successfully, as you can see in the screenshot below.



Yet when I execute a query from a notebook within this workspace it still seems to refer to the hive_metastore when I don't specify the catalog name. 



Any ideas on what could be causing this are more than welcome! 


Honored Contributor III
Honored Contributor III

I would recommend to use the Spark conf at a cluster level to change the default Catalog.  For the rest API i believe it works only for SQL Warehouse.

New Contributor II

I found that setting the default catalog in the workspace "Admin Settings" works for Sql warehouse, spark cluster and compute polices. 

Consult this documentation :

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