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How to reuse a cluster with Databricks Asset bundles

New Contributor II

I am using Databricks asset bundles as an IAC tool with databricks. I want to create a cluster using DAB and then reuse the same cluster in multiple jobs. I can not find an example for this. Whatever examples I found out have all specified individual new clusters while defining a job. How can we reuse the clusters?


Valued Contributor III

Jobs are specific in Databricks; a job definition also contains the cluster definition because when you run a job, a new cluster is created based on the cluster specification you provided for the job, and it exists only until the job is completed. You can define a cluster on the job level or for individual tasks. You can use the same cluster within a job, so multiple tasks can be run on the same cluster.

If you want, you can share a cluster between jobs, BUT! it will be an All Purpose Cluster that costs 2x more DBUs. It is not recommended to use all-purpose clusters for jobs unless you have very specific needs.

Asset bundles are not very well documented yet (in public preview), so you can always refer to the API documentation:

API Documentation Link


In the documentation, there is an example where the script uses:


This ID is ID of All Purpose Cluster that you can find in JSON definition of a cluster.


so in YAML it will be:



        - task_key: notebook_task
          existing_cluster_id: Id of your existing Cluster



But as I mentioned, it is recommended to use Job Clusters. You can define multiple job clusters, for example, 2 clusters:



        - job_cluster_key: <some-unique-programmatic-identifier-for-this-key>
            # Cluster settings.



And use them WITHIN the job by assigning job_cluster_key to task specifications.

In this section of documentation you can see how you can do it:


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