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How to write data to Confluent Kafka with SchemaRegistry format on sparkstructured?

New Contributor II

Hi There!
I am to trying write a batch data to kafka topic with schema registry in databricks using pyspark, i serialize the data with pyspark to_avro function and write it to the topic, but the consumers can’t read the schema id. If they do not separate the schema_id first 5 bytes they can read the data as well.
I read the avro schema from .avsc file downloaded in confluent, and it’s version is ok.

This is my script:, schema_str)).alias("value") \
.write \
.format('kafka') \
.option("kafka.bootstrap.servers", confluent_server) \
.option("topic", topico) \
.option("", "SASL_SSL") \
f" required username='{confluent_user}' password='{confluent_pass}';"
) \
.option("kafka.ssl.endpoint.identification.algorithm", "https") \
.option("kafka.sasl.mechanism", "PLAIN") \

return df

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