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New Contributor

Getting the error when try to load the uploaded file in py notebook.

# File location and type file_location = "//FileStore/tables/data/d1.csv"

file_type = "csv"

# CSV options

infer_schema = "true"

first_row_is_header = "false"

delimiter = ","

# The applied options are for CSV files. For other file types, these will be ignored.

df =

.option("inferSchema", infer_schema)

.option("header", first_row_is_header)

.option("sep", delimiter)



Error at highlighted line:

Py4JJavaError Traceback (most recent call last) <command-2996484959822084> in <module>() 9 10# The applied options are for CSV files. For other file types, these will be ignored.---> 11df ="inferSchema", infer_schema).option("header", first_row_is_header).option("sep", delimiter).load(file_location) 12 13 display(df)/databricks/spark/python/pyspark/sql/ in load(self, path, format, schema, **options) 164 self.options(**options) 165if isinstance(path, basestring):--> 166return self.df(self.jreader.load(path)) 167elif path isnotNone: 168if type(path)!= list:/databricks/spark/python/lib/ in call(self, *args) 1255 answer = self.gateway_client.send_command(command) 1256 return_value = get_return_value( -> 1257 answer, self.gateway_client, self.target_id, 1258


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @Praveen B

The file location need to have the filesystem scheme. so it should be of the format dbfs:/FileStore/tables/data/d1.csv

Let us know if it works.


Yes, this worked - cheers


what about setting the file location which points at blob storage associated with a storage account?

I am trying for but I come back with: No FileSystem for scheme: https

@naughtonelad​  Did you get the solution of the question you mentioned in the comment? If yes, please share as I am facing the same issue.

New Contributor II

@naughtonelad​  if your issue is solved,please let me know as I am facing the same problem

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