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Jobs REST Api - Create new Job with a new Cluster, and install a Maven Library on the Cluster

New Contributor III

I would need to use the Job REST API to create a Job on our databrick Cluster.

At the Job Creation, is possible to specify an existing cluster, or, create a new one.

I can forward alot of information to the Cluster, but what I would like to specify is a bunch of Maven Library to install directly on the Cluster itself.

Would be possible?

I don't see this configuration.

Alternative I found is use

Cluster API -> Create new Cluster

Library API -> Install a new Library on Cluster

Jobs API -> Create a new Job and run on the Cluster that I just created, but it feels a little bit cumbersome


Esteemed Contributor III
Esteemed Contributor III

@Antonio Davide Cali​ You can use the existing cluster in your json to use it for the job.

imageTo update or push libraries to the job, you can use the JobsUpdate API. As you want to push libraries to the cluster, you can push them using the new setting and add your libraries there.


Yes I ended up with this solution.

Re-reading the Docs, (not super clear honestly regarding this), when you forward a `git_source` field, you also have to create a Task inside Tasks as `notebook_task`.

My confusion was because I thought that `Tasks` was not needed when `git_source` was present, and the field `libraries` was present only at Tasks level 🙂

Thank you

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