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Pyspark. How to get best params in grid search

New Contributor


I am using spark 2.1.1 in python

(python 2.7 executed in jupyter notebook)

And trying to make grid search for linear regression parameters.

My code looks like this:

from import CrossValidator, ParamGridBuilder
from import Pipeline 
pipeline = Pipeline(stages=[
paramGrid = ParamGridBuilder().addGrid(lr.solver, ["l-bfgs", "normal"]).build()
evaluator = RegressionEvaluator()
crossval = CrossValidator(estimator=pipeline,
cvModel =
out[] > [887.3183210064692, 787.3183297841774]

My question is: how i can find, which set of params whitch metric to correspond?

How i can get params of best trained model?


New Contributor III
New Contributor III

To match the metrics with the sets of params:

'paramGrid' is a list of Param maps; 'avgMetrics' is a list of metrics. These 2 lists have the same order, so you can just zip them together:

zip(cvModel.avgMetrics, paramGrid)

To find the best set of params:

If you have a CrossValidatorModel (after fitting a CrossValidator), then you can get the best model from the field called bestModel. You can then use extractParamMap to get the best model's parameters:

bestPipeline = cvModel.bestModel
bestLRModel = bestPipeline.stages[2]
bestParams = bestLRModel.extractParamMap()

Tried the code above, bestParams still shows a null list? any thoughts?

Tried this code, but the extractParamMap() it show some parameter but can't show the best parameter inside the paramGrid.

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

This has been improved in Apache Spark 2.3.0 in which copies Param values into the Python wrappers around Scala types. extractParamMap() extracts all Params; you have to look within it for the Params from the grid which you really care about.

let me give you an example. After I call bestModel, I will get ( which is fitted model). what I really want is, this is why I cannot get the parameter in the model, for example alpha

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @pmezentsev,

You can build paramgrid with different vallues of parameters and then you'll get best params using GridSearchCV

param_grid = { 'n_estimators': [200, 500, 700], 'max_features': ['auto', 'sqrt', 'log2'] } ,

CV_rfc = GridSearchCV(estimator=rfc, param_grid=param_grid, cv= 5)

New Contributor II

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