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Schedule a Notebook Dashboard

New Contributor II

Hey all,

I have a workflow that updates a delta table, and then runs a notebook that generates a dashboard. I was hoping that by adding this second step that the dashboard would get updated to show the most current data, instead of the user needing to click the `Update` button. But it seems per this convo that when a notebook runs in workflow it is a copy of the actual notebook and not the notebook itself, so it doesn't update the widgets or the dashboard. 

Is there a way to schedule the notebook such that the dashboard will have current data without the need to click `Update`?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ehpogue , 

Certainly! Let’s explore some options to update your dashboard without manual intervention automatically:

  1. Scheduled Notebook Jobs:

    • In Databricks, you can create scheduled notebook jobs that run periodically. These jobs execute the notebook and can be used to refresh the data linked to your dashboard.
    • To set up a scheduled job:
    • By scheduling the notebook, you ensure the dashboard reflects the most current data without manual intervention.
  2. Dashboard Based on Job Run Results:

    • While sharing dashboards, consider using the job run results. Here’s how:
      • Create a dashboard based on the visualizations in your notebook.
      • Schedule runs of the notebook (e.g., daily or hourly).
      • Add users to the job run notifications (only for successful runs).
      • Please provide them with an illustrated guide on accessing the dashboard view from the email notification.
      • The dashboard link will be something like /run/latestSuccess/dashboard/{dashboard_id}.
    • This approach allows you to share an updated dashboard with non-coder audiences.
  3. Real-Time Updating:

Remember to choose the approach that best fits your requirements and audience. Happy dashboarding! 📊🚀

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