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Secrets in databricks

Contributor II

I created a secret on databricks using the secrets API.

Code :

Scope_name : {"scope": "dbtest", "initial_manage_principal":"user"}

Similar way, I added the user and password


Content = {"scope":"dbtest","key":"user","string_value":"Vidyasekar"}'', json=content)

After the execution I got response : 

<Response [200]>

Which means secrets stored successfully.

While listing the same using the list API call or 


, its shows 'Secret does not exist with scope

Here my doubt is, How to get the databricks intance name? Where the secrets stored in the DBFS location?


Honored Contributor II
Honored Contributor II

You'll have to specify the scope and the key in the format below to get the value.

dbutils.secret.get(scope="dbtest", key="user") 

Probably a good idea to review the Secret Management documentation for details on how to get this setup the right way -

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