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Table shared via Delta sharingschema not shown in Unity-Catalog

New Contributor

Hello dear community,

I use the following command to register the provider including shares to unity-catalog:

databricks unity-catalog create-provider --name company --recipient-profile-json-file ~/Develop/profile.json

Once it is registered, I could see the provider and shares in the unity-catalog delta sharing panel. On each of the share I could click on "create catalog" to import the schema to unity-catalog.

I could see the created catalog, schema and table in unity-catalog. But when I click on the table to see its schema, I see the following error:

Failed to request /ajax-api/2.1/unity-catalog/tables/company.patient_schema2.patient_table2?include_browse=true: 404 Not Found Schema 'company.patient_schema2' does not exist.

I have not seen similar error before. Anyone has an idea where could potentially cause the error? Thanks.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Maaax, It appears that you’re encountering an error related to the Unity Catalog in Databricks. 


Let’s explore some potential causes and solutions:


Schema and Catalog Verification:

Catalog Location Configuration:

Access Permissions:

Folder Structure Creation:

  • You mentioned that the folder structure is created successfully for the Delta table. However, it fails when acquiring the SAS token.
  • Confirm that the folder structure is consistent with the expected Unity Catalog structure.

Workspace Configuration:

  • Ensure that your Databricks workspace configuration is correct:
    • The access connector is properly set up.
    • The metastore is bound to the DataLake.
    • You have the necessary permissions in the workspace.

Error Tolerance:

Remember to check each of these aspects carefully, and hopefully, you’ll be able to resolve the issue. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

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