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Unable to connect with Databricks Serverless SQL using Dbeaver

New Contributor III

I am trying to connect to databricks serverless SQL pool using DBeaver as mentioned in the documentation below:

I am trying to use the Browser based authentication i.e (OAuth user-to-machine (U2M) authentication).

I have prepared the URL properly in the below format:


When I test the connection in DBeaver, the browser opens for authentication, but the screens keep loading and it times out.

I tried restarting my system, clearing the browser cache, use both chrome and Edge but this problem persists.

I am able to login to the data bricks workspace so it is accessible to me.

Not sure why the Auth URL just keep loading and does not allow to login.


Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

There are few things we can start looking into:

  • Update DBeaver and JDBC Driver: Ensure that you're using the latest version of DBeaver and the Databricks JDBC driver. Sometimes, updating to the latest version can resolve connection issues.

  • Check OAuth settings: Since you're using OAuth for authentication, make sure that the OAuth settings are correctly configured in Databricks and that the account you're using has the necessary permissions.

  • Try a different authentication method: If possible, try using a different authentication method to see if the issue is specific to OAuth.



Hi I checked on these items:

1. I am using the latest jdbc driver.

2. The user has access to data. He is able to query it in data bricks workspace using SQL query on the same data bricks serverless SQL pool.

3. I tried using personal access token and it is working fine. It is not working with the browser based authentication.

I want to use browser based authentication so that end users do not have to login to databricks and generate personal access tokens.


I am not sure why the auth page just keep loading and never shows login screen.


New Contributor III

I'm having the same problem. Any update?

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