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Unable to enable entitlements to account groups in a workspace

New Contributor III

Currently, I am both an account administrator and also a workspace administrator in Databricks.

When I try to enable the entitlements "Workspace access" and "Databricks SQL access" to account groups I am receiving the error "Failed to enable entitlement.: Group not found."

The only thing I could understand is that all the groups I am having this error have a parent group. That is, they are part of a hierarchy.

  • General
    • Domain1_General
      • Admins
      • Data_Analysts_All
      • Data_Engineers
      • Data_Scientists

​In the account console, I have assigned the workspace only to the "General" group. The others are migrated automatically via hierarchy.

​Therefore, the only group in the presented hierarchy that I am able to change parameters is the "general". For the others, I am facing the previously described error.

This error is happening only now. Before, probably one month ago, everything was working well. I mean, the entitlements could be set in subgroups normally.

I was checking the documentation and saw this link, which says the workspace and SQL access are granted by default. That's odd. The users who are part of the General group and/or subgroups cannot access the workspace via SSO unless the Workspace access or Databricks SQL access is checked in the workspace admin settings.

FYI: The workspace has Identity Federation Enabled.


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Hi @Arnold Souza​ 

Great to meet you, and thanks for your question!

Let's see if your peers in the community have an answer to your question. Thanks.

New Contributor III

Hi, did you find a way to fix this issue?

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi @Arnold_Souza,

The error "Failed to enable entitlement.: Group not found" that you're experiencing when trying to enable the entitlements “Workspace access” and “Databricks SQL access” for account groups is likely due to the fact that Identity Federation is enabled on your workspace. When Identity Federation is enabled, users and groups are managed at the account level, not at the workspace level. This is why you're only able to modify parameters for the "General" group. 

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