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Uploading wheel using `dbutils.fs.cp` to workspace and install it in Runtime>15

New Contributor

I have been trying to find an alternative to copying a wheel file from my local file system to Databricks and then installing it into the cluster. Doing this 

databricks_client.dbutils.fs.cp("file:/local..../..whl", "dbfs:/Workspace/users/..../..whl") used to work without issue for runtime 14 and below but not for 15 which I need for a project.
The other thing I don't get is that the file I copy to Databricks into the workspace using the Python SDK do not show up in the UI



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @safoineext

  • Instead of copying wheel files directly to the cluster, consider using workspace libraries. These allow you to create an object in the Databricks UI to represent your library. The actual binary (the wheel file) will still reside on DBFS or PyPi, but you can select it from the cluster.
  • Another option is to upload your wheel files to Unity Catalog volumes. These volumes are shared across all clusters in your workspace.
    • By placing your wheel files in a Unity Catalog volume, you can easily reference them from any cluster without copying them directly.
    • This approach ensures consistency and avoids duplicating the wheel files for different clusters.
    • If you still prefer to copy wheel files directly to the cluster, use the following command:
      databricks fs cp local-path-to-wheel.whl dbfs:/mnt/catalog-volume/wheel-files/
    • This method allows you to upload the wheel file to DBFS and make it accessible to your clusters.
  • Databricks Repos also support arbitrary files, but using workspace libraries or Unity Catalog volumes is generally more straightforward for managing Python libraries in your workspace. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @safoineext ,

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