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use job parameters in scripts

New Contributor III

Hi Community

I made some research, but I wasn't lucky, and I'm a bit surprised I can't find anything about it.

So, I would simply access the job parameters when using python scripts (not notebooks).

My flow doesn't use notebooks, but I still need to drive some parameters that I want to declare before I run the job (so, static).

Here are my attempts so far:

  • the trivial use of widgets does not work. Widgets are available only in notebooks, and thus dbutils.widgets.text/get are out of scope. The functions simply return None
  • I tried to move to environment variables, set at runtime, in which a simple notebook, set as root of the flow, push the job parameter to the environment variables, i.e., os.environ["PARAM"] = dbutils.widgets.text().
    Unfortunately, env variables are *not* propagated to children tasks (probably because interpreters are restarted at each task)
    Limits to workarounds:

Of course there are 10K workarounds, but some are not applicable to my scope, some are really bad practice. I try to list here my limitations:

  • setting environment variables at init scripts does NOT solve my problem. I want a parameter to change before running the job, so same cluster, same flow etc.
  • I want to avoid to create as many job clusters as the parameters, and "pick" the relevant cluster every time i change parameters. Not a good practice in my view
  • I have 20+ scripts, running as DAG flow. They are scripts because they are supposed to run also outside databricks and independently. So I want to avoid the conversion of such scripts to notebooks (this also brings some issues about versioning the code AND the vscode databricks plugin...other topic)
  • I cannot use task parameters. Task parameters depends on the task values, and it doesn't make sense to load a parameter in all my scripts with an hardcoded task (something like = "environment_setter", key = "param", default = 42, debugValue = 0), where "environment_setter" is my root task... )
    Any ideas is really appreciated!



Esteemed Contributor

From what I see in the documentation, spark_python_task takes a "parameters" as an array of strings, in which you can put your command line parameters using {{job.parameters.[name]}}

Contributor II

A workaround that I found is to use the databricks jobs api to get the job run info. There are job parameters inside, but you need to prepare crendetials in advance.

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