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What are optimized solutions for moving on-premise Hadoop data

Valued Contributor

Hi Team ,

What are optimized solutions for moving on-premise Hadoop/hadoop distributed file system  parquet data to Databricks  as Delta file?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Phani1Migrating data from on-premises Hadoop to Databricks as Delta files involves several key steps.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Administration:

    • In Hadoop, you’re dealing with a monolithic distributed storage and computing platform. It consists of multiple nodes with their own storage, CPU, and memory. Resource management is done via YARN, and there’s a Hive metastore for structured information.
    • In Databricks, you work with multiple clusters, each serving specific use cases or projects. These clusters are ephemeral and can be spun up as needed1.
  2. Data Migration:

    • Use tools like Apache Sqoop or DistCp to transfer data from HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) to Databricks. Sqoop is specifically designed for moving data between Hadoop and relational databases, while DistCp is more general-purpose.
    • Consider using Delta Live Tables (DLT) in Databricks, which enables near real-time data movement. DLT simplifies the process of ingesting data into Delta tables2.
  3. Data Processing:

  4. Security and Governance:

  5. SQL and BI Layer:

Remember that migrating from Hadoop to Databricks is not just a technical decision; it’s a strategic move that can unlock new data-driven innovations. For detailed guidance and code examples, refer to the Hadoop to Databricks Technical Migration guide1. Happy migrating! 🚀

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