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Delete and Recreate Metastore in Same Region

New Contributor III

We have an existing metastore in a region. We would like to delete it (Create a Unity Catalog metastore - Azure Databricks | Microsoft Learn) and create a new metastore in that same region. Are there any issues that we should be aware of with creating a metastore in a region that previously had a metastore? Asking because I know it is possible to only have one metastore per region, and do not want to run into any conflicts as we take on this process.



Honored Contributor

Hi @Jennette Shepard​ Each metastore that you created is backed by the storage layer as well. So if you delete the metastore, please validate and clean up the Policies and storage files that has been used for the metastore. Then creating a new one with a different storage path should not be a problem in my understanding.

Not applicable

Hi @Jennette Shepard​ 

Hope everything is going great.

Just wanted to check in if you were able to resolve your issue. If yes, would you be happy to mark an answer as best so that other members can find the solution more quickly? If not, please tell us so we can help you. 


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