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ERROR-cannot create Metastore-has reached the limit for Metastores in region-need Assistance

New Contributor II

Message: Hi Databricks Community,
I encountered an error while attempting to create a Metastore in Databricks. The error message is as follows:
Error: cannot create metastore: This account with id ******************** has reached the limit for Metastores in region westus2
When am trying to create Metastore using terraform, I found above error message even there is no Metastore exists in the region. please find below terraform code for reference.


resource "databricks_metastore" "this" {
  name = var.metastore_name
  storage_root = format ("abfss://",,
  force_destroy = true
  owner         = var.owner
output "output_metastore" {
  value = databricks_metastore.this.metastore_id

Could someone please provide guidance on how to address this issue? Specifically, I'm interested in understanding how to manage or increase the metastore limit for my account in the westus2 region.



As per the documentation, we can create only one meta store per region per account .
Although databricks can make an exception and allow you to create multiple metastores.  You may raise a support ticket for the same.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello @jv_v

Please contact Databricks support through the Databricks Help Center.

Best regards,

Raphael Balogo
Sr. Technical Solutions Engineer

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi, @jv_v; when was this workspace created? Can you please check this article and see that you already do not have a default UC metastore created? 



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