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I can´t used Unity Catalog

New Contributor III

Hi, i try to used Unity Catalog in my workspace but i don´t get it!

I have followed all the steps in this video and this is my group resource in Azure:


After, i change Access control (IAM):

2Now i have the rol as Administrator and Owner in workspace.

But when I insert the url: and select the name of the workspace:

3It redirects me to the main page of the workspace and not to the page Unity Catalogo to add metastore...

In addition, when I create a cluster, the label Unity Catalog does not appear:


I'm using a company account, I don't know what kind of permissions I'm missing.

can anybody help me?😫



Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

@Alfonso Gallardo​ To access the main account console you'll need to be a Global Azure AD Admin or have an account admin priviledge.

If this is your first time logging in or accessing the account console, you'll need the Global Azure AD Admin to login who can then set other users to be the account admin (who can access the account console)

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Hi @Alfonso Gallardo​ 

Thank you for posting your question in our community! We are happy to assist you.

To help us provide you with the most accurate information, could you please take a moment to review the responses and select the one that best answers your question?

This will also help other community members who may have similar questions in the future. Thank you for your participation and let us know if you need any further assistance! 


I'm with you agallard. I have had the same/similar problem with every databricks initiative and new technology offering. I am so dissappointed with Databricks as a product and as a company. I brought DB into my company about 2 years ago. I believed that the technical brilliance of Spark and Databricks founder would make for an excellent partner into my company. What I have been so dissappointed to learn is how pathetic the level of documentation has been. I would give Databricks an F in product documentation, product stability, ease of use, support. I can't believe a company trying to go to IPO with its extremely high valuation is failing on the fundamentals so badly. Be better Databricks!

New Contributor III

Hi, in Azure AD I´ve rol as Member because the account is a company I can not have permissions as administrator.

 ADDIs it only possible to use Unity Catalog if I have an administrator role or have an account with administrator privileges?


Hi @Alfonso Gallardo​, Unity Catalog is a feature of Databricks that simplifies the management of data objects like tables, views, and databases across different workspaces. It provides a centralized catalogue that helps users discover, understand, and use data more effectively.

You don't necessarily need an administrator role or an account with administrator privileges to use Unity Catalogue.

However, your access to specific features or data objects within the Unity Catalog depends on the permissions granted to you by an administrator.

In general, the permissions for the Unity Catalog can be divided into three categories:

  1. Object-level permissions determine a user's actions on specific objects like tables, views, or databases. For example, read, write, or modify permissions for a table.
  2. Workspace-level permissions determine a user's actions within a specific workspace, such as creating or deleting objects.
  3. Catalogue-level permissions determine the user's overall access to the Unity Catalog and its features.

An administrator can grant different levels of permissions to users depending on their role and responsibilities. So, while you don't need to be an administrator to use Unity Catalog, your access to its features and objects will depend on the permissions granted to you by an administrator.

New Contributor III

Hi @Kaniz Fatma​ i´m owner to the workspace of Databricks but i can´t used Unity Catalog,

I tried install dbdemo about Unity Catalog:

%pip install dbdemos
import dbdemos

it created a notebook and cluster, but the label unity Catalog does not appear:


i´m lost with this feature to testing!

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