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Issue with "databricks metastores list" Command - Only One Metastore Listed

New Contributor II

I have encountered with the Databricks CLI command databricks metastores list. As per our account setup, we have three metastores configured. However, when I run the command, it only returns information for one metastore instead of listing all three.

Here are the details of the command and the output I am seeing:
"databricks metastores list"
ID           Name      Region
*********   ********   *********
I have confirmed through the Databricks console that there are indeed three metastores present in our account:

  1. PrimaryMetastore
  2. SecondaryMetastore
  3. TertiaryMetastore

Additionally, I would like to mention that I am an admin of the account console, which ensures I have the necessary permissions to view all metastores.

Given this discrepancy, could you please assist in identifying the cause of this issue?

Thank you


Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Hi @jv_v , Good Day! 

The command you are running gives you Metastore details attached to your workspace. If you are looking to list out all the metastore present at the Account console, you can try running this below CLI command: 


 databricks account metastores list


You can run this CLI command: "databricks account -h" for details on supported account-level commands.

Please let me know if this helps and leave a like if you find this information useful. 

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