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Data Governance
Join discussions on data governance practices, compliance, and security within the Databricks Community. Exchange strategies and insights to ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance.
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Your guide to data and AI governance sessions at Data + AI Summit 2022 We are so excited to welcome you to Data + AI Summit this year. This year’s hyb...

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Your guide to data and AI governance sessions at Data + AI Summit 2022

We are so excited to welcome you to Data + AI Summit this year. This year’s hybrid conference is jam packed with exciting product announcements, live keynotes, breakout sessions with cool demos, customer stories, and opportunity to meet with experts from different product teams. 

If you haven't already, Make sure to register for the Data + AI Summit to take advantage of all the amazing sessions, demos and talks scheduled to take place. Virtual registration is free!

Data is the lifeblood of every successful business and data governance is the key to unlock the value of your data. If you are interested in anything related to data and AI governance, we have amazing sessions lined up for you. See below a list of key sessions curated just for you. You can attend these sessions in-person or stream them live.

Day 1 Opening Keynote


Join the Day 1 keynote to learn about new product announcements around data governance on Lakehouse.

Ali Ghodsi and Matei Zaharia 

Tuesday, June 28 @8:30 AM

Unity Catalog: Journey to unified governance for your Data and AI assets on Lakehouse

Breakout session

Learn about the latest and greatest in Unity Catalog from the PMs and Engineers who built the product and get a sneak peek into our roadmap. Hear from one of our customers to learn how Unity Catalog simplified governance for them. 

Todd Greenstein

(Staff Product Manager)

Yuyuan Tang

(Software Engineer)

Tuesday, June 28 @10:45 AM

Delta Sharing - A New Paradigm for Secure Data Sharing and Data Collaboration on Lakehouse

Breakout Session

Join the product team building the data sharing and collaboration features on the Databricks lakehouse platform to learn everything about Delta Sharing, and how you can extend Delta Sharing for your use cases.

Jay Bhankaria, Senior Director, Data partnerships

Celia Kung

Product Manager, Delta Sharing

Itai Weiss

Lead Partner Solutions Architect

Tuesday, June 28 @4:00 PM

A Practitioner's Guide to Unity Catalog—A Technical Deep Dive

Breakout Session

Want to learn how Unity Catalog works under the hood and how to implement it in your data architecture? Then this session is for you.

Zeashan Pappa (Senior Product Specialist - Data Governance)

Ifi Derekli (Field engineering manager

Liran Bareket (Senior solutions architect)

Tuesday, June 28 @4:45 PM

Complete Data Security and Governance Powered by Unity Catalog and Immuta

Breakout Session

Wondering how Immuta and Unity Catalog work together? Join this session to learn about the integration between Unity Catalog and Immuta’s industry-leading data access platform, which enables complete data governance with granular security.

Steve Touw

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, Immuta

Jonathan Keller

Sr. Director, Product Management, Databricks

Wednesday, June 29 @2:05 PM

How to Build a Complete Security and Governance Solution Using Unity Catalog

Breakout Session

For Privacera and Databricks customers, this session will explain how Privacera translates Apache Ranger policies into native policies of Unity Catalogs, audits are collected from Unity Catalog and imported into the centralized Audit Store of Apache Ranger, and Privacera can extend Unity Catalog.

Don Bosco Durai

Cofounder and CTO, Privacera

Wednesday, June 29 @4:00 PM

Discover Data Lakehouse With End-to-End Lineage

Breakout Session

Interested in learning about how Data lineage with Unity Catalog can help you build a pragmatic data governance and management strategy? Come join this session to learn from the team who is building the data lineage capability in Unity Catalog.

Tao Feng

Staff Engineer, Databricks

Thursday, June 30 @10:00 AM

A Modern Approach to Big Data for Finance

Breakout Session

Want to see Delta Sharing in action for big data analytics? Join this session for a Live demonstration of Delta Sharing in combination with Nasdaq Data Fabric. Hear from the Nasdaq Engineering team to learn about how Delta Sharing helps unlock the value of data.

Bill Dague

Head of Nasdaq Data Link

Leonid Rosenfeld

VP Data Science & Software Engineering

Wednesday, June 29 @2:05 PM

Turning Fan Data Into an Asset

Breakout session

Join this session to learn how Pumpjack Dataworks, the world’s leading fan data refinery, is leveraging Delta Sharing and Immuta to democratize fan data, making it immediately accessible. 

Corey Zwart

Head of Engineering & Principal Cloud Architect


Steve Touw

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer


Itai Weiss

Lead Partner Solutions Architect


Tuesday, June 28 @10:45 AM

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