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Honored Contributor

Recently I have given Databricks Certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark 3.0 - Python exam and would like to share how did I prepare for this exam.

Since I have been working on PySpark for last 2 years, for me it was more of revisiting the spark concepts. Additionally to get familiar with actual exam environment I gave couple of Mock tests.

  1. Spark Architecture and basic concepts revision - Official spark documentation
  2. Practice tests:
    1. Official mock test by Databricks (
    2. Udemy Course - . This course has total of 3 mock tests.

I can definitely say if your basic Spark concepts are clear and even if you give above mentioned 4 mock tests you will be able to clear the exam very easily.

Got any other doubt ?, feel free to reach out to me (either here in community or my LinkedIn (

PS: I am not endorsing any Udemy course through this post, I am sharing what path I followed which helped me clearing the exam easily. 🙂


Honored Contributor III

@Shalabh Agarwal​  Thanks for sharing u streagey

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Good job @Shalabh Agarwal​, the one who have strong knowledge about Spark will pass the exam easily.

Valued Contributor

I also follow up the same material to get this certificate.

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