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UCX Installation without CLI

Valued Contributor


Hi Team, Can we install UCX Toolkit into databricks workspace without installing it via Databricks CLI? If its possible then How ?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Phani1The UCX Toolkit is a powerful tool for upgrading your Databricks workspace to Unity Catalog. It helps you migrate various assets within your workspace, including:

  • Legacy Table ACLs
  • Entitlements
  • AWS instance profiles
  • Clusters and cluster policies
  • Instance Pools
  • Databricks SQL warehouses
  • Delta Live Tables
  • Jobs
  • MLflow experiments and registry
  • SQL Dashboards and Queries
  • SQL Alerts
  • Token and password usage permissions are set at the workspace level
  • Secret scopes
  • Notebooks
  • Directories
  • Repos
  • Files

The upgrade involves several steps, and UCX leverages the Databricks Lakehouse platform to perform it.

Here’s how you can proceed:

  1. Prerequisites:

    • You’ll need a desktop computer running Windows, MacOS, or Linux.
    • Ensure network access to your Databricks Workspace and the internet (for retrieving additional Python packages).
    • Set up databricks-cli and obtain the necessary credentials following the installation instructions.
  2. Installation:

    • UCX will install code, libraries, and workflows into your workspace.
    • After installation, you’ll run a series of workflows and examine the output.
    • The custom-generated, config. yaml and other assets will be placed in your Databricks workspace home folder under a subfolder named. .ucx.
  3. Assessment and Upgrade:

    • Trigger the assessment job (found under workflows or via the active link in
    • Review the assessment results in the custom-generated Databricks dashboard.
    • UCX will create job notebooks and deploy code and configuration files as part of the upgrade process.

Remember that you’ll need administrative authority for your account, Unity Catalog, and workspace to complete the upgrade process. If you haven’t already, set up databricks-cli and follow the steps outlined in the UCX repository on GitHub for detailed instructions.

Please note that UCX currently supports installations and upgrades only through Databricks CLI, as i...

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