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How do I distribute machine learning process in my spark data frame

New Contributor III


I'm trying to use around 5 numerical features on 3.5 million rows to train and test my model with a spark data frame.My cluster has 60 nodes available but is only using 2. How can I distribute the process or make it for efficient and faster.

My code:

vector_assembler = VectorAssembler(inputCols=feature_columns, outputCol="features")

# Random Forest Classifier
rf = RandomForestClassifier(featuresCol="features", labelCol="target", numTrees=100)

# Pipeline
pipeline = Pipeline(stages=[vector_assembler, rf])

# Hyperparameter tuning using Cross-Validation
param_grid = ParamGridBuilder().build() 
evaluator = BinaryClassificationEvaluator(labelCol="target", rawPredictionCol="rawPrediction", metricName="areaUnderROC")
cross_validator = CrossValidator(estimator=pipeline, estimatorParamMaps=param_grid, evaluator=evaluator, numFolds=5)

# Train the model
cv_model =

# Make predictions
predictions = cv_model.transform(df)

# Evaluate the model
evaluator = MulticlassClassificationEvaluator(labelCol="target", predictionCol="prediction", metricName="accuracy")
accuracy = evaluator.evaluate(predictions)
print(f"Accuracy: {accuracy}")

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

@mohaimen_syed  - can you please try using implementation of randomForestClassifier instead of sklearn and see if it works. Below is an example -

Thanks, Shan

Thank you for your reply @shan_chandra . I looked at this code and tried doing the same thing. The cluster uses 2 nodes at most, even though there's 60 available. I believe the advantage of using Databricks is to use the distributed compute method, but I'm not sure how to effectively use it.

@mohaimen_syed - There are many reasons why only 2 nodes are used at the most. 

1. sklearn implementation of randomforest classifier is not distributed. Please use implementation

2. your dataframe may be small enough.

Always start with a small number of nodes and modify the number of nodes based on your workload. 

I have tried using, and I used the link you sent me to mimic the process. The data I'm using is pretty large and takes over 30 mins to run. I have not written any code to update the nodes. I want to learn how to use more than two nodes to increase the performance so I can add more features.

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