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Partner Sandbox Environment

New Contributor

I'm currently a registered Databricks Partner and I've been notified about the sandbox environment. Does this come with any discounted cloud hosting costs? Is there anything we can do to reduce the costs? How would you recommend setting up a training environment for multiple consultants?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Alex99, The sandbox environment provided by Databricks does not inherently come with any discounted cloud hosting costs.

The costs associated with cloud hosting are typically separate and depend on your cloud provider (AWS, Azure, or GCP).

To reduce costs, you may consider the following:- 

Downgrading your plan: If your current goal is more than what you need, you can request a downgrade by contacting your Databricks representative at .

Note that downgrading an account plan affects future workspaces but does not downgrade the program for current workspaces.

• Efficient resource management: Proper management of resources such as clusters, jobs, and storage can help in cost reduction. Make sure to terminate any idle sets and manage your data storage efficiently.

Setting up a training environment for multiple consultants: You can set up a multi-user workspace where each consultant can have notebooks and clusters. This can be managed by an admin who can assign roles and permissions to each consultant.

Note that the cost would depend on the resources used in the workspace.

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