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Tableau connection error - errorCode=180002

New Contributor


I am trying to connect to databricks from tableau server and facing this error 

OAuth error response, generally means someone clicked cancel: access_denied (errorCode=180002)

I have added it in "app connections" under account console. 

Any pointers would be very helpful


thanks and regards,




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @557879The OAuth error response you’re encountering—specifically the “access_denied” error with errorCode=180002—typically indicates that the user cancelled the authorization process or denied requested permissions.

Let’s troubleshoot this issue and explore some pointers to resolve it:

  1. Check Authorization Scopes:

    • Ensure that the authorization scopes requested during the OAuth process align with what the user is comfortable accepting. Sometimes, users may deny certain permissions.
    • Review the scopes you’re requesting and make sure they are necessary for your use case.
  2. Whitelisted Redirect Hosts:

    • To address this error, you can run the following command using Tableau Server Manager (tsm):
      tsm configuration set -k oauth.whitelisted.redirect_to_origin_host -v "internal_host,FQDN1,FQDN2"
      Replace FQDN1 and FQDN2 with the actual fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) that need to be whitelisted.
    • This step ensures that the OAuth redirection URLs are allowed.
  3. Azure SQL Database Configuration:

    • Verify that you’ve correctly configured the connection to your Azure SQL Database in Tableau Server.
    • Check if the credentials are valid and that the connection settings match your Azure SQL setup.
  4. SAML and MFA:

    • You mentioned that you have SAML enabled with MFA. Ensure that this configuration is consistent and correctly set up.
    • If there are any discrepancies, it might lead to authorization issues.
  5. Tableau Version:

    • You’re using Tableau version 2021.2.18. Make sure you’re on the latest version or consider upgrading if there are known issues related to OAuth in your current version.
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