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Delta Live Table pipeline steps explanation

New Contributor III

Does anyone have documentation on what is actually occurring in each of these steps?

Creating update
Waiting for resources
Setting up tables
Rendering graph

For example, what is the difference between initializing and setting up tables? I am trying find out what exactly is happening in each of these.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ac0 , 

  • Initialization involves setting up the execution environment for your data processing tasks. This step includes:
    • Cluster Initialization: Spinning up a compute cluster (if not already active) to execute your pipeline.
    • Loading Dependencies: Loading libraries, configurations, and other dependencies needed for data processing.
    • Setting Up Context: Establishing connections to data sources, defining schemas, and initializing variables.
  • Think of it as preparing the workspace before actual data processing begins.
  • Setting Up Tables:

    • This step focuses on creating or configuring tables, views, or data structures where your processed data will reside.
    • It includes:
      • Schema Definition: Creating tables with appropriate column names, data types, and constraints.
      • Partitioning: Designing how data is partitioned (e.g., by date, region, or other relevant attributes).
      • Indexing: Setting up indexes for efficient querying.
      • Data Loading: Populating tables with data from various sources (e.g., files, databases, streams).
    • Essentially, it’s about organizing and preparing the storage layer for your data.
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