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How to hide workspace to which I don't have access anymore?

New Contributor II

In my Account Console and workspace selector I'm seeing a list of 10 workspaces, but to half of them I don't have access anymore (as intended). How can I remove these workspaces which have become irrelevant for me from this view?




New Contributor III

You can try to remove you from the users in Admin Settings. But since you can't remove yourself. You will need someone else who is workspace admin to do this.

Thanks for your response. I asked a workspace admin to remove my email id from the user list, but unfortunately the workspace is still showing in my overview. Any other suggestions?

Sorry to hear that. I thought it should work. I don't have any other idea. 

Not applicable

Hi @FrankBarten 

Hope you are well. Just wanted to see if you were able to find an answer to your question and would you like to mark an answer as best? It would be really helpful for the other members too.


Hi @Anonymous, no, unfortunately I still haven't been able to find an answer to my question.

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